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Cluster of Electronics, Mechatronics and Mechanics of Morocco (CE3M), a non-profit association from Morocco, is admitted as IFIA’s corresponding member according to the majority of the Executive Committee members’ votes cast in the 22nd virtual session dated November 23, 2018.

CE3M has been actively promoting the culture of invention and innovation in Morocco since 2011 by federating training and research environment around collaborative project between universities, inventors, industrial, research and technical centers in the sector of Electronic, Mechatronic and Mechanic.

CE3M aims to promote innovation, strengthen Morocco’s industrial potential in the Electronics sector, support and help to develop the competitiveness of Moroccan SMEs, create the right environment for the emergence of high value-added activities by bringing together the different stakeholders around structuring projects (universities, laboratories, technical centers, major contractors, SMEs / SMIs, institutions …) and organize exhibitions and competitions of inventions.

The CE3M collaborative projects contribute to the creation and production of products and services that are able to impose themselves at national and international level, and fulfill the innovation demands of SMEs and major clients in Morocco and abroad.

The Cluster also develops industry-research-training partnerships, nationally and internationally, in the Electronics, Microelectronics, Railways, Aeronautics, Automotive, Medical, Energy and all integrating electronics industries sectors.